Happy Living Baby Tip 2

Elimination Communication Babies eat, sleep, cry, pee and poo. We feed them, we rock them (till our arms hurt), we comfort them and we put them in nappies/diapers. Well if you can afford them that is. Did you know that millions of parents can’t pay for disposable nappies or they are simply not available (in […]

A diaper clutch!!??

A whole new world is opening up now that I’m expecting our first baby. There are so many new products I’ve never even looked at. And some are very (VERY!) stylish. Although I question the practicallity. One of these is this super duper cutie and elegant Diaper Clutch, spotted at Posh Tots. Yep! You heard […]

Cute baby booties

One of the first things I knitted for my baby where these sweet little baby booties. They are great for using up bits of leftover yarn. Because back in April we didn’t know if our child would be a boy or a girl, I didn’t add the buttons. Then yesterday I decided to walk to […]

Ladies: hang those bags!

  Okay! It may not be the most important thing in the world, but keeping a lovely (expensive?) handbag looking nice can be quite a challange. I own a white Le Pilage handbag from Longchamps, yes you read that correctly: white! And although I found a good way to clean Le Pilage hanbags, prevention is […]

Fair clothes and Portobello Road Market

It’s been a very social week for me. Finally after being in the U.K. for almost a year I’m beginning to not only FEEL at home, but also BE at home in this new country. For many months I’ve been dealing with my affairs back in Holland. And now it’s all moving along. I still […]

Craft Fair and Sewing Frenzy

I’ve had a very cool Bank Holiday this weekend. On Friday I went shopping, see previous post, and bought lots of goodies. On Saturday I started working with these materials to make Baby Booties and a Zippered Pouch. I will post pictures at a later date with more sewing. They are first attempts you see […]


I went two seperate shopping sprees into London. I was looking for fabrics and beads to make these fantastic baby booties and maybe some stichmarkers and some (zippered) pouches. Also I wanted to buy some small goodies for my International Scarf Exchange 4 pall. I’m knitting a scarf for her and would like to spoil […]

Odessa Mania

After knitting so many scarfs I had enough of them. I wanted something new. I knit some *edited as not to spoil for friend* and althoug I’ve finished these I’ve not yet put them together. After I took this project off the needles I found this great hat pattern It’s the Odessa Pattern by Grumperina. […]