Are you free to dance?!?

Are you free to dance? A silly question at first glance. Of course you are! But, can you actually do it? Free dancing that is! It’s a lot harder than many think. I stumbled onto a video featuring Shiva Rea last night. In it she explains the history of free dance and it’s suppression (mainly […]

Happy Living Baby Tip 2

Elimination Communication Babies eat, sleep, cry, pee and poo. We feed them, we rock them (till our arms hurt), we comfort them and we put them in nappies/diapers. Well if you can afford them that is. Did you know that millions of parents can’t pay for disposable nappies or they are simply not available (in […]

Happy Living Tip 5: One breath meditation

Many people have heard of the benefits of meditation, but when they try they hit a wall. The most common problem when watching the breath is feeling you can’t get enough air. Only by stopping and shifting your focus back to everyday life can a normal breathing pattern be re-established. One of the causes might […]

Shiva Rea… again

After my first post on Shiva Rea – Go with the flow yoga I bought more of her DVD’s. New to my collection are Creative Core Abs and Flow Yoga for Beginners. You’ll find reviews for the Creative Core Abs below, I need to do the Flow Yoga for Beginners DVD a bit more before […]

Will social networking destroy us?

I’ve alway been keen on communication. My mom often says she needed earplugs once I started talking as I just wouldn’t stop. Throughout the years I’ve kept up this talkative reputation and only in the last decade I’ve mellowed down a bit. Trying to think once in while before blurting things out. Pacing myself. Not […]

Best exercises to boost weight loss

first published on a local Slimming world group on Facebook on 06/07/09 I’ve started this topic to discuss anything to do with Body Magic and that dreaded word: exercise. Yes peoples the summer is upon us time to get moving. So how to get most results with minimum effort? No to cardio! Cardio is fine […]

Go with the flow… yoga

Life flows and it doesn’t care if you flow with it or not. Life flows. And you have the choice flow with it or struggle against it. The last few months I’ve been directing my focus downstream. Flowing with life as much as I can. And the more I flow downstream the more tools I […]


I’m in a throw everything away mood. This was inspired to a trip back to The Netherlands. I had to clear out my old house and tons of stuff from my parents house and my brothers basement. And it was a lot. I’m 28 years old but I had enough stuff for someone who is […]