Update on Emma

My last post was about the new BBC makeover of Jane Austen’s Emma. The series has come to an end and I thought it was fab. Nothing like seeing Jonny Lee Miller in a period drama. Against convention I always struggled liking Kate Beckinsale’s Emma and loved innocent gwyneth paltrow’s version of Emma. Romola Garai […]

New Jane Austens Emma!

Hoooray! A new BBC adaptation of Emma is on my screen. There is nothing I like more than Jane Austen’s stories, both in print or on the (small) screen. Emma is being played by gorgeous Romola Garai (Daniel Daronda) and Jonny Lee Miller (Mansfield Park) makes for a dashing Mr Knightley. This is a modernised […]

Beware of Fainting Fits

And that is what my friend Sarah at work said today. She being English and thus funny beyond believe without her being aware of it, decided to keep a record of events. The Event feeling bad after having eaten certain foods. But not liking boring logs, she gave it the Jane Austen twist. And I […]