Mags this month

Everyone has their weaknesses. Some can’t say no to cheese, others find gadgets irresistible. As some of you might know, my Achilles heel is magazines (amongst other things like desserts, books and earrings). This month the I managed quite a selection already. Ofcourse I couldn’t leave the second edition of Jamie behind on the shelves. […]

Beauty and the (choco) Beast…

Did I get lucky or what? After all the gorgeous scarfs seen on here and hoping they might be for me, I got such a nice one you wouldn’t believe it (hence the pics). The package was battered and bruised from it’s long journey all the way from Texas to Kent, UK. But everything inside […]

Sowing the seeds

This weekend I finaly made time to sow the seeds of cress that I bought weeks ago. As we are going to move house and I’m on a very tight budget I am not investing in plants for the garden or the house. Growing cress will give me the idea of creating life. It’s wonderfull […]