Ruffles galore

Last month I decided to use up some fabric from my tiny stash. Because of the size of the fabric there where few options and I choose to make a funky pair of trousers for my 18 month old daughter. The pattern I used is called Dortje and is available for purchase via or you can find it in the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love from Nancy Langdon. I used the latter.

After choosing the fabrics and reaching the sewing stage I was a little worried the trousers would end up look rather clownish. I wanted to add ruffles, however would that make it even worse? I then decided to just take the gamble and, following the advise in the book, go overboard. So I added ruffles around the knee sections (which are rather big on this size, because I took up the trousers a little to fit my daughters height) and around the waist.

Dortje trousers in the making

Ready to add ruffles... or not?!?

To make the ruffles I followed the advice in the book again. And used my sewing machine to sew a double line of thread, then pull one. It’s a technique that is quite effective and easy to do. You do however need to take care not to break the thread (obviously). A good tutorial can be found on the Divine Caroline site. Be sure to check out their craft section, it’s got nice ideas!

Anyway here is the finished item. I still have some crochet flowers and butterflies (made from embroidery floss, see pic above) to add to the pockets. Although they are very over the top I think they work very well and my daughter seems to like them. She loves butterflies and happy colours. Not bad for a stash buster!

Dortje trousers finished

Girly ruffles for a cool look


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Tutorials for crochet items used on trousers:

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