Odessa Mania

After knitting so many scarfs I had enough of them. I wanted something new. I knit some *edited as not to spoil for friend* and althoug I’ve finished these I’ve not yet put them together. After I took this project off the needles I found this great hat pattern It’s the Odessa Pattern by Grumperina. […]

Scarf in the making

This is what I posted to the International Scarf Exchange 4 on Friday 27th of April. I’m really enjoying the experience of participating in this event, although I am sure I would enjoy it even better if I had more time. But one must earn a living, etc, etc. I’m a beginning knitter so I […]

My Fourth Scarf – The Blue Scarf

This scarf I knitted for my boyfriend. I started with a moss stitch, but he didn’t like that. He wanted one that was like my first scarf, but wider. I told him a long thin one would be better, but he wanted a biggie. So I knitted him a huge scarf, using five balls of […]

My Third Scarf – The Green Scarf

I sooooo love this scarf. I loved the yarn and I mostly love the colour. And even though it leaves fluf everywhere (mostly my black winter coat), I love it. By the way if someone has a cure for the fluffing please tell me. The knitting itself when easy enough. Well, it was a k1,p1 […]

My Second Scarf

This is Rigtje’s Scarf. She’s my best friend and an absolute gem. I’m so happy she is in my life. Rig is someone who is completly different from myself. She does things I would never do. She say things I would never say. And she thinks things I would never agree with or thought about […]

My First Scarf

My first scarf In the autumn of 2005 I first picked up knitting again. I had a few attempts when small but this came to nothing. I was not a patient child and knitting was something a bit too complicated. I got the knit/purl thing, but knitted too tight. After attempt three failed with not […]


I’m in a throw everything away mood. This was inspired to a trip back to The Netherlands. I had to clear out my old house and tons of stuff from my parents house and my brothers basement. And it was a lot. I’m 28 years old but I had enough stuff for someone who is […]